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Below is a list of tips and hints that may help to fully utilize @games. Please note that these are subject to change at any given time. Times provided are in Japan Standard Time (JST).


Login Roulette (Daily) : Earn GS, gacha tickets, alchemy tickets, fashion tickets, interior tickets and Selpit items.

Obtaining GSEdit

GS can be obtained via a number of methods. Completing all will ensure the maximum number of obtainable GS daily.

Amount (GS) How to obtain
300 Login once daily
Various amounts Play the Login Roulette daily

Trade BoxEdit

There is a 10GC fee incurred for each item you are trading, regardless of the other trader; for example: 2 items to trade = 20GC


Login Reward (Daily) : Earn PL points, recovery drinks and medals. » 3x Daily Gacha (Daily) : Earn a variety of clothing by playing this gacha three times between [3:00 - 10:59], [11:00 - 18:59], and [19:00 - 2:59]. » Guild Medals (Daily) : Earn 1x Guild medal.