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Homepage Edit

The home page is the main interface from which you can navigate the rest of the site. You must go to the homepage to claim daily prizes.
  • Special events are shown in bubbles at the top of the screen
  • News is shown by the golden bell, such as completing daily quests and new gacha
  • All events, including new gacha, are shown by the air baloon
  • You can also access the closet, your room, the marketplace, you guild, the gacha list, and the navigation panel

News Edit


Selecting the golen bell opens a list of news, and an 'advertisement' for new gacha and events.

News translations:

  • お友達申請がきています
    • Your friend request has come
  • メッセージが届いています
    • You've got a message
  • 無料ガチャがプレイできます
    • You can play free gacha
  • 新しいクエストが発生しています
    • A new quest has occurred (A new daily quest is available)

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