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Have an error message you can't read?

Check the In-Game Messages and Troubleshooting section below!


How do I terminate my account?Edit

You can do so by clicking here.

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Can you help me with translating something from JP-ENG / ENG-JP?Edit

Unfortunately, it is difficult to honor this request, as we do not speak fluent Japanese. Translations made on this wiki are usually done via Google Translate or a service similar, or through trial and error. However, you may contact the wiki editor, King_kurokishi, for help with translating JP-ENG.


こんにちは!ごめんなさい!私は外国人です。日本語を話せません。 _:(´□`」 ∠):_


Where should I go to ask a question?Edit


How do I add or change content on a page?Edit

If you would like to edit content on a page, it is highly recommended that you leave your suggestion(s) on the Suggestions page. This is also applicable when you would like to add information, but have trouble doing so. You may add, change or delete content, however, it is best to discuss major changes with other contributors first. Thank you for understanding.

In-Game Messages and TroubleshootingEdit