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King kurokishi
• 5/23/2016

Similar Game?

I found Star Girl Fashion:CocoPPa Play to be based on, or similar, to this game.

On another note, I know this game best as tinierme, the English version of the game that was closed down years ago.

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King kurokishi
• 5/24/2016

Yes, you are correct in referring that CocoPPa Play is based on, or similar to, @games, as it is a collaboration between GCREST, Inc. and UNITED, Inc.

However, CocoPPa Play lacks some @games features, such as the tradin, alchemy and some games, and items are non-transferrable between the two platforms; this is similar to another of @games' smartphone app, 'Pocket Knights'. The only smartphone app with transferrable items is, 'Pocketland'.

Yes, I am very familiar with TinierMe as I was also apart of the TinierMe community for the most part. TinierMe is the US or international counterpart of @games, which terminated its services in December 2012. Some speculate that the closure may have been due to an incident which saw certain Japanese online gachas as a form of gambling and spending exorbitant amounts to play. You can read more on the matter from this article, Japan officially declares lucractive kompu gacha practice illegal in social games; incidentally, it was published in the same year of TinierMe's closure.

• 5/29/2016

Well, I didn't actually download the game. I just saw the screenshots and I thought the arts must be the same as TM/@G.

I know about the complete gacha thing as I also read similar news when TM was about to be closed down. Those complete-gacha items in TM were just impossible to get unless you spend lots of money.

• 6/6/2018
Hello! This maybe posted years ago but I wish this would help out. I am currently playing a game which looks and does exactly like tinierme! It has town, trading and all! It's still in development stage but it's good to go compare with the other games out there.

A lot of tm players are already playing this game because it so much the same like tinierme and they gather together to meet old friends again.

It's called chibi kingdom.
here's link where you can sign up:

Oh btw here's my current avatar in chibi kingdom if you're wondering what it looks like <3
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